Angel Gowns Contribution Highlighted on La County Supervisor’s Live Vlog

Angel Gowns Contribution Highlighted on La County Supervisor’s Live Vlog
Posted on November 16th, 2022.

Angel Gowns was mentioned on the Facebook Live Video blog of Janice Hahn on April 24, 2020. The County is supporting Angel Gowns as Angel Gowns supports the County by purchasing and distributing face coverings made by our Angels. Attached is a transcripted excerpt from the blog:

“The other thing we (the Los Angeles County Supervisor’s Office) have done is we’ve bought 1,000 face coverings from local residents who are making face coverings. And they were made by – I have a couple of groups who are making face masks – or face coverings…

And Angel Gowns of South Bay, which is founded by the absolutely wonderful person, Gayle Fleury, what a great organization. If you don’t know about Angel Gowns, you should, because Gayle and those that work with her actually make beautiful little baby gowns to provide – very unfortunately – for babies who pass away in the hospital as newborns. So, what a thoughtful thing that she provides to a very difficult time for families. But she’s decided during this time. She has – a lot of them are women, I’m sure there are guys who were doing it, too – were making these gowns… She’s decided to turn her business to do these face masks. Here’s one that she made {holds up a mask}. Isn’t that cute?  Love it!


We’re going to give these masks to groups who are helping people during this crisis. We’ve given them to the Boys & Girls Club of LA, Harbor area and Whittier… Signal Hill Urban Community outreach, we’ve given masks to. Women’s Shelter of Long Beach, Su Casa in Signal Hill and Cornucopia Services in Hacienda Heights. And this is just the first round… We’re going to do more. “

See the full blog entry here.  


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