Taking Wing!

Taking Wing!
Posted on November 6th, 2022.

Every time we think things are going to quiet down and get “normal” (whatever THAT is!) something happens that shakes the quiet out of us and Angel Gowns is taking wing and flying higher than before! This month we officially have a satellite Angel Gowns group! The capable, talented and very excited team from St. Lawrence Martyr Church came to visit, and left as our sisters, sharing the excitement and passion that we have in creating a beautiful way to give small comfort to grieving parents.

Our new sisters got a quick lesson in how we go about creating these gorgeous baby burial gowns from Kathy Creighton. She was very thorough in the short amount of time she had, and though I am sure they left with their heads in a whirl, they can always call us for questions and help. Jennifer made brand new patterns for them, and we gave them a large tub filled with deconstructed wedding dresses. In fact, there was enough fabric in that tub to keep them busy for several months. Each lady was given an Angel Gowns T-shirt, and a wristband bracelet that says: “Angel Gowns of South Bay”.

We are looking forward to seeing how much they accomplish in the next few months. And, we have some wedding dresses for them to deconstruct when they are ready. And that is another story- deconstructing dresses! 

Welcome Didi, and your fellow Angel Gowns Sisters at St. Lawrence Martyr Catholic Church. Please come and visit us any time. The door is open. AND… lunch is served!

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