Trolley Tea Party

Trolley Tea Party

Life is not easy- but it is a gift! Here, at Angel Gowns, we have had our share of challenges, and yesterday was one of them. I would like to thank all of our Angels who spent their day making our guests tea and serving them with a smile throughout the difficulties we faced. Silvia, Helena, Liz, Sue, Corinna, Carolyn, Jan, Vielka, Darcy, Lorna, Rosa, Sadie, Bob, Bill, Ray, and Jim- forgive me if I left anyone out- I am still so overwhelmed with the love of these people!

 I also want to thank the Angels who gave up the seats they had paid for so that we could accommodate more on the one trolley we ended up with. Ashley, Bill, Mark, Marlene, Mark and Terry, Silvia, Ray, Helena, Jan and Gale R, - again, I am missing all the names of those who were so gracious. And finally, thank you to our incredibly patient guests who waited for 2 hours for the trolley to arrive for their tour. Your courtesy and good humor helped us through a very challenging situation. We are looking for a way to thank all of you for working through this with us. Your generosity and support mean the world to Angel Gowns and its volunteers. WE appreciate YOU! Very humbly yours, Gayle Fleury


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