Updates On Future Projects

Updates On Future Projects
  • FUNDRAISER TEA: we are considering having our fundraiser tea in Feb., on the downtown trolley. I am trying to rent it for us. The tea would be boxed, and we would have live music and a tour. WE might even have time to do 2 rounds of tea if we get a price for 4 hours. It would be very different from fundraisers that other groups do. More info coming on tha
  • WARNER GRAND FASHION SHOW: I have been talking with Lee Sweet, director of the Warner Grand and it looks like we might be able to have our fashion show event there on April 29. After that, the theatre will be undergoing a 2-year renovation, so will be unavailable for events until completion. We will be meeting again after the first of the year. I also have been talking with Jacob and Eric Eisenberg who have connections with the fashion week folks and can help us put this thing together. We also have the help of Elise Swanson, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce. I think this could be a great event if we all pitch in some time to make it happen.
  • DEPT OF PROBATIONS PROGRAM UPDATE: Our program with the Department of Probations is on hold until I have volunteers who can help teach. I need three teachers and two subs. IT is a once weekly commitment. Subs are for when someone gets sick or has another commitment they must honor. IT will be a fun and rewarding program and I encourage you to consider being a part of this.


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