Angels Grow More Wings!

Angels Grow More Wings!
Posted on November 15th, 2022.

Amazing things happen all the time! Our truly wonderful angels are now working with the LA County Crisis Response Team! They frequently come across babies that have passed due to SIDS or from accidental smothering from co-sleeping with family members. We are providing baby burial gowns for the families of those children. And, we have begun giving grants to families in need of help burying or cremating their babies.

Last Spring, Angel Gowns gave its first workshop for CPR and Stop The Bleed. We worked with St Michael’s Operations who provided certified instructors for both classes. The workshop was free to participants, thanks to a grant from the Wilmington Neighborhood Council. More workshops are planned for Fall, and will be expanded with additional classes in Safe Sleep Practices For Infants and SIDS prevention education.

All are invited to take these classes and be certified. They are great for parents as well as for childcare providers and babysitters. More information about specific dates and locations will be coming soon…


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